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Ayesha Rodriguez
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Hello!!! My name is Ayesha and I'm an Arashi fan. The storm has taken control over my soul,body and wallet,LOL. I'm also a huge fan of Kanjani8, NEWS, KAT-TUN, HSJ!...well you can say I'm fan of all johnny's groups and the cute Jrs. I also like some of the old k-pop groups like JYJ, Super Junior and Big Bang but I like the most the korean dramas OST songs and indie bands like NELL. Lately I'm also listening to more Taiwanese-chinese music.

I'm a declared asian drama addict....yeah I'm the type that watch 15 dramas every season. My latest obsession is chinese\taiwanese novels\books. Gawd bless all the blessed souls that translate these novels into english...and google translate. I also read lots of shoujo manga and love anime.

I have an infinite list of bias but my main ones are Arashi(all but Aiba is the future father of my kids), Kanjani8(I luv all these idiots so much), Kame,Yama-chan, Inoo, Yamapi,Daiki, Jesse, JYJ, Soon Jong-ki,Oguri Shun, Yang Yang, Wallace Huo, Wallace Chung,Zai Zai, Miura Haruma and soooo many more...I would need an entire day to write out all my bias *no shame*

I'm from the US but I'm living in Mexico so I can speak\read both english and spanish. I'm trying to learn japanese but kanji is a very scary thing so I'm still in the "trying to learn" stage LOL.

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